An organization helping the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana
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Elias Cortes Pena

What in your opinion is the most important part of what you do?

        I help women who want to support their families through small businesses out of the home.  We give small loans and the interest generated by the loans helps to financially support the other ministries of Team Tijuana.

How did you come up with the idea of this organization?

        It was Greg's idea and also Hope Without Boundaries.  They had wanted for some time to start Micro-Loans and had raised the funding, but needed someone to administer it.  I had been working as the administrator  of a Christian hospital in Tijuana that closed, and Team Tijuana was looking for someone with experience in administration.  Mexican Medical recommended me to Greg. I have you been doing this since January of 2011.


  • Praise God that the groups have been functioning very well and the women are grateful for the help they've received.
  • The ministries have been receiving monthly financial support through MPN (the interest from the small business loans).  This is especially timely, because funding from the US had dropped due to the recession).


  • We need more funding to loan out to new groups (average loans range from $500 to $1500 USD.
  • Wisdom to do my job well.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Wisdom to do my job well.
  • That we can develop ways to help the women not only with their loans but also via training to improve their business practices, Bible studies, classes in nutrition or parenting.