An organization helping the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana
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Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center
Lidia Luna, Director


What in your opinion is the most important part of what you do?

Our goal at Esperanza is that the women who come with addictions recover their dignity& value.  We want to see their families restored, their children reunited with them. Though society may call them worthless, Jesus bought them at a great price and He can change them from the inside out.  They CAN become responsible, healthy, purposeful and satisfied individuals.

How did you come up with the idea of this organization?

            Lidia:  It wasn't my idea! 10 years ago I was a housewife, happily taking care of my family.  My husband Javier Marquez had served as director of the Esperanza Men's rehab for 20 years and when a woman donated a large piece of land with the desire that a women's center be started, we started looking for people to run it.  Two different couples in turn served, but there were many problems.  One day the wife challenged me to try staying 24 hours with the women, so I did.  I have women who help lead, but I am the Referee, the Coach.  As one graduate put it, "Ud nunca deje este lugar, porque Ud es el alma de este lugar" (you must not think of quitting, because you are the soul of this place). 

How long have you been doing this?

Lidia:  I started helping in 2004, after about a year of trying to get other leaders in place.

What led you to TEAM TIJUANA?

Lidia:  My husband Javier was part of "The Shekinah Group," a board of directors for a small drug rehab center that Greg Saracoff started in 1990.  Over time that group evolved to become Team Tijuana.  Originally I participated as a spouse when we would have Christmas celebrations together, but now I am part of the team as well.


  • Seeing women graduate from our program and go on to lead healthy lives of service to God and their families.  (see Testimonials of Martha, Olga, Maria...)
  • Seeing God provide for the daily needs, despite our limited resources.  We have a refrigerator but no electricity to run it, yet there is food to eat every day.
  • For Sheila, a young woman who was Lidia's neighbor and is now helping run the daily program at Esperanza.


  • Vehicles
  • Phones for communication between the Esperanza ministries (and the funds to pay for the phone service)

Prayer Requests: 

  • The legal status of the Esperanza land has been challenged and we have had to hire a lawyer to protect us from hostile take-over.  The lawyer fees are $200 USD a month.  Pray that this ministry and site may continue for years to come to rescue women from addictions and restore them to new life in Christ.  Pray for favor in the eyes of the authorities.
  • Pray that women who come through our program will receive Christ, overcome their addictions, find healing and restoration in their families, and unite with churches that will encourage their spiritual growth.
  • Pray that the women will be good and true mothers to their children, learning at Esperanza how they can pray for their children.
  • Pray for good helpers for Lidia.