An organization helping the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana
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Do It Yourself Donate!

Don't know how to help out?
Here are some ways you can help be a part of Our Team today!

As some of you may know, DIY is common short speak for Do It Yourself! Mainly used for when you want to make or do something but don't necessarily know how to do it.

If you find that you can't support us by monthly donations or would like to support us but also do some "hands on" giving here are some ways to get involved no matter how far away you are from us!


  • You can give us the best gift of all by simply praying for us! Simple and easy to do right? Ask the Lord to guide us to do his work and that he will protect us no matter the circumstances.
  • To take praying to the next level make it a social event! Set up a prayer group to meet once a week or so, like a potluck meet and greet, and pray for us as well as your friends and neighbors.

Money Collection Ideas

  • Have a jar in the kitchen, front door or on the bedside table where you empty out the change in you pockets. When the jar is full count it up and send us a check! (or the change but that might be quite a lot of jingling!)
  • Have a lot of random things piling up in the house? Have a yard sale!


Some of the things we have been doing is sharing the gospel with kids through lessons and crafts. Do you have any ideas for us?

  • Crafts - Do you have a special gift in craft making? Is there a really amazing craft you have come up with or found that you would like to share with us? E-mail us! Heres a form to fill out to help you explain it to us.
  • Lessons - There are just so many amazing lesson plans out there and maybe you might have them! Send it us via email or mail it to us if you prefer paper copies! All formats are welcome.
  • Activities - Have you found a way to get the "jiggles" out of the kids? A fun way to to get the kids tired out and ready to hear the lesson? Share it with us, we will be ever so greatful!

Special Bundle Projects

     If you want to send tangible objects to support the missions here are some bundles you can gather up and mail to us! You can even send a hand written note to encourage the team or the poor people in Mexico


  • Back2School Bundle
    • Help kids in Mexico get ready for school by sending a backpack of general school supplies! We'll give you a check list of all the things they will need.
  • Dental Prevention Bundle
    • One of the problems in Mexico is that the kids do not necessarily have a way to keep their teeth clean! Help us clean their teeth by sending general teeth cleaning supplies like toothbrushes, tooth paste, floss and mouth wash! Save the kids one mouth at a time!
  • Disciple Starter Kit
    • Help us continue people's journeys in Christ by sending us a Spanish Bible, a pen and notebook for their notes and questions, and maybe some cool materials you think could help them understand out Lord better
  • Mom's in Prayer
  • Sprout Bundle
    • For those who are wondering, sprouts are seeds like lestils or alfalfa that you sprout like you would be planting them but after they grow the roots a bit you eat them like the healthy snack they are! The list for this bundle contains things like seeds, screen and rubberbands.
  • Garden Bundle
    • For those with green thumbs share your favorite vegetable or flower seed so those in Mexico can taste what you eat at home! You can also throw in what you think a new gardner needs, ex: trowel, gardening gloves etc.
  • Fiesta
    • Send us party things to celebrate birthdays! Birthday candles, plates, banner, confetti, cards~ general party things!
  • Cleaning Bundle
  • Food Bundle
  • Snack Bundle
  • Micro-finance
  • Esperanza



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