An organization helping the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana
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Campamento De Fe


What in your opinion is the most important part of what you do?

"To love my neighbor as myself."  I seek to obey this command by providing a home where sick and abandoned men can find the love of God in action.  Our official name is "Campamento de Rehabilitacion para Enfermos Desemparados"(Rehab Camp for the Abandoned Infirm) but we go by "Campamento de Fe" (Faith Camp).

How did you come up with the idea of this organization?

My husband used to collect donations of vegetables for Esperanza drug rehab center.  One day the woman who had donated the land for Esperanza offered to donate land for a home for sick and dying men.  We originally planned to care for men with tuberculosis and AIDS, but that would have put others who came at risk, so the focus shifted to helping sick and incapacitated men age 18+ .  We average about 15 men, sometimes more, sometimes less.  

How long have you been doing this? 

Since September 1997--we celebrated our 15th anniversary this year.  In 2004 my husband left me and Campamento de Fe, so I have been responsible for running the ministry for the last 9 years.  But not by myself--God has been so faithful and I have been greatly helped by Team Tijuana.

What led you to TEAM TIJUANA?

About 10 years ago one of the pastors in Team Tijuana invited us to a couples event at a local restaurant.  Javier started attending the Team Tijuana weekly meetings and when he left us, I continued coming.


  • We have seen countless men who were in desperate situations find health and peace and most important of all, they have found the love of Christ.  Many have been restored to their families.  Many have died, but surrounded by people who love them and having had an invitation to become part of God's family.
  • God has faithfully used individuals, groups, churches from all over to meet our needs.  The needs are many and we never know how they will be met, but we know we serve a faithful God who keeps His promises.
  • One example of God's provision is Arturo's back surgery.  A doctor in another city offered to perform the operation, several individuals donated funds for the hardware, a local church opened their doors for housing for over a month, and our Mexican pastor helped bring Arturo home.  Many people prayed and his surgery greatly eased his suffering and increased his mobility.


  • Donations of food, cleaning supplies, medical supplies
  • A reliable vehicle to take the men to dr. appointments and church
  • Funds for gas and maintenance on the vehicles
  • Funds for the water, electricity, etc.

Prayer Requests: 

  • That each man who comes through Campamento de Fe receives healing and restoration.
  • That Arturo may be able to resume his post-operative therapy.