An organization helping the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana
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Missionaries with
United World Mission (UWM)!

United World Mission is a Christian mission sending agency located in Charlotte, NC, USA. Part of their work is engaging in Holistic Mission. Holistic Mission is simply the application of practical solutions to life problems in concert with sharing the Good News of Christ. Here in Tijuana, our missionaries work with local pastors and program directors to help them as they assist families in caring for their children, provide facilities for drug rehabilitation, provide a home for homeless men with disabilities, host a mom's prayer group, provide legal assistance to those without financial means, provide micro-finance loans to small groups of women, and other work. To find out more about UWM, please visit

Meet The Saracoffs

We have worked in Tijuana since 1987. With our “Team Tijuana,” we are committed to partnering with Mexican leaders who work with impoverished children, the sick, the poor, and those coming out of drug addiction. Since May of 2014, when our son Ian suffered a severe brain injury, we have been living in Indianapolis, but continue to commute to Tijuana. Our newest outreach is to international students in Indianapolis.

We work alongside of four mission projects in Tijuana: “Esperanza” consists of two substance abuse rehabilitation centers (one for men and the other for women); “Campamento De Fe”, a home for crippled and wounded men with no family or other support system; “Carretas Community Center”, a ministry committed to neighborhood development and caring for children growing up near the old dump. The current ministry that is being developed is “Micro Finance”, which gives small loans so that over 150 women can develop small businesses that will feed their children and send them to school.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Team Tijuana leaders and their ministries – rooted and built up in Christ, bearing fruit for God’s Kingdom
  • For complete healing for our son’s, Ian’s, brain injury
  • For our work with international students in Indiana as we continue commuting to Tijuana, encouraging leaders from afar

A Blast From The Past

Here is an excerpt from the July-September 1994 issue of Latin America Evangelism's magazine. To read the full article about Greg and Kathy Saracoff please click the image.

Greg and Kathy Saracoff went as independent missionaries to Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1987, only six months after their wedding. Later they moved to Tijuanato start a vocational Bible school and do church development and discipleship.The Saracoffs began working with a church in a Tijuana area squatter community known as Grupo, Group, where theydetected the need for a drug rehabilitation center. Previous efforts to start a center at Emanuel Church had failed. But with the aid of co-worker Rick Johnson, Gregstarted a drug rehab center where he trained men in woodworking and welding.The one-year live-in program is based on the men’s willingness to change their lives, and Christ is presented as the source of power for this change.Two years ago, the Saracoffs joined Latin America Mission and its Christ for the City urban outreach. Since then, their goals have broadened.Kathy, an “MK” raised in Taiwan and fluent in Mandarin Chinese, had previously worked with women and children at the church. But after joining LAM she became concerned for all the children of Kathy and Greg Saracoff, Tijuana. She and GregIan and Anna helped organize a children’sevangelism seminar taught by fellow LAM workers Robert and Roxanne Grego, and some 14 different local churches participated.Besides working with the church and drug rehab center, the Saracoffs hope to organize Tijuana evangelical churches for cooperative prayer and evangelism. Top    

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